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Did you know? Despite their short life span, insects on the lawn can multiply...rapidly! Normally, nature creates a balance between insects, natural predators and food supply. But if something - like a change in the weather pattern, for instance - happens to change that balance, then insect populations increase and could cause extensive damage to your turf. Insect damage will be particularly severe in thin, dry, or weed-infested lawns.


Weed Man Lawn Care Denver's Surface Insect Control should begin once the early signs of injury are observed, or when significant numbers of insects are found on the lawn. Since some insects can only be controlled at certain times during their life cycles, it is essential to know...


Weed Man Identifying Insects on Lawn


...that's where we come in! 


If insect damage is left unchecked, turf insects such as Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms and Cutworms can cause considerable damage to your lawn. Weed Man's Surface Insect Control begins with the identification of the insect causing damage to the lawn. Because some insects can only be controlled at certain times during their life cycles, our lawn care technicians are trained to identify the insect responsible for the damage, the specific life cycle of that insect and the exact level of infestation.

Weed Man employees are carefully trained to diagnose insect damage specifically in the Denver region. This knowledge is parlayed into a customized program that is applied only when and where needed by licensed, trained professionals, as part of Weed Man’s IPM (integrated pest management)-based approach.

Applications may be necessary when damage history is apparent and/or threshold infestations have threatened the overall health of the lawn. After watering in the treatment, people and pets may play on the lawn after 24 hours or when dry.



Weed Man only uses federally registered products for use on home lawns. They are most safely applied in the capable hands of a trained professional, like your Weed Man technician.

All pesticides must be registered before they can be imported, sold or used in the North America. Registering a pesticide means that these products are properly tested to ensure they will not cause harm to human health or the environment when used according to the label instructions. Conditions are also placed on how pesticides can be used safely and effectively and will include instructions on the product labels to which Weed Man must follow. This is monitored and enforced by Federal, as well as State/Provincial authorities, to help ensure that pesticides are being used properly.

Have questions? Weed Man Denver is here to help! Contact us for a free consultation. We'll diagnose the problem and set up the proper program.